Apple Watch Pokies for Australian Players

The latest innovation in online gaming was announced in 2014 and is known as a smart watch. Many of the online gaming software companies have started creating gaming and betting apps for Apple watches. Apple watches are powered by the iOS operating system, and many of the gaming giants in online gaming software development are creating new games specifically designed for smart watches.

A smart watch has a touch screen and comes with many abilities which include time keeping, connection to the internet, the ability to run apps for mobile devices, making phone calls and for sending text messages. Basically a smart watch is a smaller version of a smartphone, which can be powered by various operating systems including iOS, Android, Windows and Tizen. The Apple watch is one of the most popular smart watches.

Players will find excellent offers when playing Apple watch Pokies and these will include welcome bonuses, loyalty points, and promotions. At players will find a range of the best online casinos to play Apple watch Pokies in Australia, and registering on these sites will only take a few minutes, ensuring you’re ready to spin those reels in a matter of minutes.

Advantages of Apple Watch Pokies

There are many advantages to playing Apple watch Pokies and the first one is the fact that it is a watch and so is strapped to a players wrist so it is safe and secure and the best news is, it cannot fall, and we know how often smartphones can be dropped. Even though the screen is small, it is a discreet way to play Apple watch Pokies with no need to have to set up a laptop or PC where everyone can look at their games.

Australian players can enjoy Apple watch Pokies while out with friends and the watch has a reminder which lets players know when to place a wager. Because of the mobility of the smart watch players can really do everything they usually do and still be able to play Pokies, all players will need is to be connected to the internet. Because the smart watch screen is much smaller, players will only see what they need, they will not be distracted by adverts or banners on their screens.

New Developments and Minor Glitches

Playing Apple watch Pokies in Australia is a new development and players can expect some small glitches to occur. Players will find that they need to adjust to the much smaller screen and may be a bit challenging when trying to find ways to bet and possibly when playing some of the online casino games such as Roulette or Craps. Each developer has also created different variations of smart watches and this may take some getting used to, for example, some have round faces while others are square. Software developers have realised the popularity of these new innovations and will find ways to make it possible to enjoy a great gaming experience and design apps that are specific to smart watches.

Players will be happy to know that almost 50% of online players have made the transition to mobile gaming and smart watch seems to be the next big thing in online gaming, along with iPhones and iPads, which are still hugely popular. has done all the work for players when it comes to choosing an online casino to play Apple watch Pokies and guarantees all its casinos are safe and reliable.