Samsung Watch Casino Games for Australian Players

Samsung watch casino games are fairly new on the market, however this market is growing at a rapid pace and in Australia an increasing number of players are purchasing this wearable tech with the intention of playing their preferred pokies and table games on their wrist.

A Samsung watch is essentially a watch with cutting-edge bonus features. It tells the time, is able to connect to the Internet, allows the wearer to connect to browse or play online games. At this stage, the Samsung watch or wearable mobile device needs to remain connected wirelessly to a mobile phone counterpart in order to function at its full capabilities.

There are many online casino game developers who are jumping on the bandwagon and developing the software required for casino games to run on Samsung watches. It is safe to say, that Samsung watch casino games are the future of online gambling, especially for Australian players who love any type of wagering entertainment.

The Advantages of Samsung Watch Casino Games

When the ability to play your favourite casino games via mobile smartphones became available, it grew in popularity and players loved it. The same can be said for Samsung watch casino games. There are so many advantages of gambling via your Samsung watch and at we make sure you can enjoy them all.

• The device is strapped to your wrist, it will not fall out if your hand as a mobile phone could, nor will get lost easily.

• Strapping on your watch when getting ready for work, going to the gym or heading out on the town, is so natural. This means you will always have your device with you, easily available to play your preferred casino games.

• Players can access their favourite Samsung watch casino games right from their wrist, wherever they are.

• Playing using the Samsung watch allows for easier multitasking, such as when cooking, commuting, or watching the TV.

Play Samsung Watch Casino Games in Australia

Players can either download the Android casino app onto their Samsung smartphone, which will then sync with their watch and create the app on there as well, or play directly via their web browser and connect to a top rated Australian casino’s website.

Players can enjoy their favourite types of games on their Samsung watch, from Roulette to pokies to Blackjack and new optimised, compatible games are being released all the time. As with other online casino games, Samsung watch casino games offer the opportunity to play for free or for real money. As an Australian, you will also have the chance to play in your own currency at the casinos that are recommended by This way, you won’t have to think about conversion and exchange rates while playing.

State-of-the-Art Samsung Watch Casinos

At we are all about promoting new gaming platforms as they hit the market. As new casino games are developed for play on the Samsung watches, we’ll be sure to keep you informed.

If you do not yet own a Samsung watch to go with your Samsung smartphone, you may want to consider investing in this device as the future of mobile casino games has just gotten smaller, more sophisticated and even more convenient than ever before!